This page explain how you can fix your Yaesu rotator, if it suddently stop working because of a broken rubber belt.

The rotator indicator will alwas try to dub the bearing of your antenna setting because of a rubberbelt driving the indicator needle and a potmeter shaft,  until this potmeter voltage in the controller box will match the potmeter voltage from the rotator unit.

If you are unlucky enough after some years, and this rubber belt will brake and the indicator needle is unable to turn, then you maybe need this fix. You will still hear the motor spinning inside the boks, but nothing happens.

I am not sure if this fix will work on other models then G-600, but I am pretty convinced that all Yaesu models are very similar.

On the pictures below this text, I will show how to fix it.



The front of the controllerbox is released

The brooken belt



Compass indicator is exposed

           Give the shaft a gently push to release the gear from this plate

Gear is exposed

Notice the little screw holding the potmeter cogwheel

Cogwheel removed and the rubberbelt is ready to go in

A new rubberbelt from Yaesu. Nr. S8000428



Take notice of the bushing and the nylon steer

Gently mount the Cogwheel at the potmeter shaft after the new rubberbelt is installed

Remember the 3 little washers before installing the compass indicator

      Almost back in business. Remember to change the light bulb before closing the box.

Then you are all done, and you can adjust the setting as described in the manual 

Vy 73 de OZ1JTE